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Disposable Lenses

Are soft contact lenses that are worn each day for either a fortnight or a month. They are removed each night, cleaned and stored in contact lens solution. Unlike the extended wear contact lenses, they are not worn overnight.

Daily Lenses

One-day disposable lenses offer the ultimate in convenience and comfort. No more cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting! These contact lenses are super comfortable for all-day wear. They’re also ideal for part-time sport or casual wear.

Multi-Focal Lenses

Multi-focal contact lenses are an alternative for wearers of multi-focal glasses, particularly for those who have presbyopia. Like multi-focal glasses, multi-focal lenses can be worn to correct your vision for more than one distance.

Hard Lenses

Hard contact lenses are not as flexible as soft lenses and are usually used to correct greater amounts of astigmatism or corneal irregularities such as Keratoconus, giving better vision than either glasses or soft contact lenses. They are also used in Orthokeratology to reshape the cornea to temporarily correct or reduce myopia (short-sightedness).


Another option for multi-focal wearers is monovision which is provided by wearing a contact lens for reading in one eye and a contact lens for distance vision in the other eye.

Custom Lenses

Custom contact lenses are tailor made to suit your exact eye shape and are usually made for post- surgical reasons and are generally replaced annually.

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