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Interested In Trying Out Contacts?

Contact Lens Fitting

Almost everyone who wears glasses can enjoy the freedom and convenience of contact lenses. The latest advances in materials and design mean greater health and comfort for your eyes than ever before. So if it’s been a while since you’ve worn contact lenses or you’re considering them for the first time, you’re likely to be delighted with the result. We also have a contact lens club which offers payment terms and discounts to its members. Find out more about trying out contact lenses here.

The Process

When we fit contact lenses we aim to provide you with the most comfortable and affordable lenses to suit your needs. During a clinical assessment our optometrist will decide if you are suitable contact lens wearer. If so, you will be able to trial some lenses so that you can decide if they really do provide you with the vision and comfort you are happy with. Contact lenses provide many people with a new found freedom and the opportunity to leave their spectacles at home.

Extended Wear

Continuous wear contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days and nights without taking them out – for a new freedom of vision. These lenses are also now available if you have mild astigmatism.

Lens Options

You can now choose from bifocal, continuous wear, one-day, or new silicone lenses. Here’s how they differ: Bifocal contact lenses are the equivalent of wearing bifocal, reading or progressive lens spectacles. An increasing number of customers are choosing these flexible contact lenses as their first-choice for eye care.

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