Exclusive Designer Showcase FRAMED BY GATES Is Back!

Exclusive Designer Showcase FRAMED BY GATES Is Back!

The annual Framed by Gates event by Gates Optometrists will take place for the first time in their new store on 1 Ward Street, from Monday 16 to Friday 30 October 2017. Every day from 10am to 3pm you have the opportunity to shop the full range available in New Zealand from leading designer eyewear brands including Kate Sylvester, Face a Face, Oga and Prodesign. Hundreds of fashionable frames will be available for your viewing pleasure.


The latest international brand to join the ranks comes all the way from Switzerland, Von Arkel, where its hinges are revolutionary for the eyewear industry and the only one of its kind in the world. The William Morris Black brand will also be available, featuring their latest sexy collection with black and gold accents.


Whether you’re looking for your annual pair of glasses or something new for the season, the Exclusive Designer Showcase “Framed by Gates” will help you look distinctive.



16 October                          Prodesign

17 October                          Kate Sylvester and William Morris Black

18 October                          Face a Face and Oga

19 October                          Von Arkel

20 October                          LA Eyeworks


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