Gates Optometrists Welcomes Von Arkel

Gates Optometrists Welcomes Von Arkel

Von Arkel have joined us on Ward Street! As the first new brand to join the Gates family at our new location, expectations were high for the Von Arkel frame. This innovative Swiss-made frame has gone above and beyond, wowing us with its elegant craftsmanship and timeless look. This frame passes seasonal trends, and combines design and comfort in perfect balance.


The Von Arkel frame is a revolution in eyewear. This is the first frame to use the same hinge as a Swiss watch, setting a new precedent for luxury, durability and classic looks in frames. The hinge is able to be polished the same way as a Swiss watch but is also scratch-resistant, so it can last for years longer than other frames. Von Arkel pride themselves on their Swiss innovation and craftsmanship in hinges, something known to last across generations.


The titanium frame coupled with the unique hinge create a lightweight and enduring base for any set of glasses. If you are looking for a classic frame that uses strong, clean and elegant lines paired with ground-breaking innovation, Von Arkel is for you.


Come in and see us at our new location on 1 Ward Street to check them out in person!

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